AirMaxCompany Group

AGNELLA BIAGIO Company was born in 1957, it has a big experience in the Automotive and Aeronautics sectors, especially in the prototype and production area.
In fact, it is able to plan and build geometry equipment for the assembling and welding of the bodyworks and checking fixture of any kind.
To differentiate itself, for some years now, the company has taken its old mechanical experience and it has started to build different equipment for the French market.


We work in a building of 2.000 m2 with a big and complete machinery portfolio and an office zone of about 300 m2. Our company carries on its activity in new and safety place.




We pay attention in the choice of suppliers and in the use of the materials used to perform our work in the best possible way. Furthermore, we guarantee our organization and company structure thanks to certification ISOO 9001 2015.


Our team is made up of skilled skilled workers and above all who love their work. Despite the long experience of many of our workers, we constantly strive to improve by learning new ones working methods and techniques, always keeping up to date.


Responsibility and Commitment are the guidelines we follow to manage relationships with customers and suppliers; for this we guarantee on our part professionalism and reliability in the work done.


Our collaborators can guarantee the seriousness and reliability that our group demonstrates in order to always respect the established deadlines towards all our collaborators.