Agnella Biagio srl Air Max machinery


Axle and 5 axle Milling.
Agnella Biagio srl Air Max production


2D-3D Design – Mechanic and Carpentry - Milling: mill, lathe, grinding – Assembling.
Agnella Biagio srl Air Max testing


Tridi Poli - Tridi Dea - Bras Cam 1 - Bras Cam 2 Faro measuring arm CAM 1 / CAM 2 - Laser Tracker.



We pay particular attention in preparing quotes , considering carefully buyer’s files and the full range of Partners with which we collaborate. The wide choice of specialized suppliers allows us to answer to several client’s requests who appreciate our business flexibility. That kind of collaboration allows us to propose specific solutions like mechanics of precision, equipment of large-size, etc. always trying to maintain a convenient price for both parties. The need to be distinguished from the common standards is at the base of our Philosophy. Our primary objective is the complete customer satisfaction and above all, his confidence towards us.


Agnella Biagio srl Air Max Company corporate philosophy

The Group 

Mechanical Designers, Programmers, Skilled workers, Fitters

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Our partners can confirm our responsibility and professionalism to comply with deadlines.


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